100,000 people engaged… and counting!

1 mission

12 years

100 companies

100 000 people

Sentis celebrates a significant milestone: 100 000 client participants engaged within 12 years, in more than in 34 countries, across the mining, oil and gas, construction, utilities, telecommunications, and financial services industries.

As a global consulting firm that partners with clients to drive significant and sustainable improvements in organisational performance, Sentis helps leaders and teams achieve operational excellence and a culture of wellbeing and safety, to directly improve business outcomes. Results include reduced absenteeism, presenteeism, workplace accidents and stress claims, and increased staff retention, productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Leaders from our partner clients have described Sentis initiatives as:

“…a major contributor to Genesis Energy’s dramatically reduced recordable injury rate. The one initiative that Genesis has rolled out in recent times where there has been universal embrace and positive experience and feedback across the organisation.
Albert Brantley, CEO – Genesis Energy

Enlightening, informative, practical and valuable. Very professional, variable and inclusive. World class delivery.”
HSEC Manager

“…mind opening and of huge value.”
General Manager, Human Resources

“New Hope Group (NHG) Workers Compensation ‘Statutory Claims’ costs were reduced by more than $400 000 over the same period of greater safety focus.”
Mauro Soto, Corporate Health & Safety Manager – New Hope Group

“It’s a direction the business needs to get to the next level.”
Global Director of Operations

Sentis’ range of services includes consulting, assessment, executive coaching, and group training. Solutions can all be fully customised and delivered anywhere in the world. Beyond our acclaimed group workshop training programs, we have developed a diverse suite of complementary diagnostic, support, and embedding tools which measure and maintain their culture and process change initiatives:

  • ZIP Induction: An online introduction to Sentis’ internationally recognised Zero Incident Process: support, refresh, embed
  • Safety Citizens: The next evolution in safety, the Safety Citizens program assists mature safety cultures to go beyond the performance plateau and achieve exemplary safety performance
  • Leadership Toolkits: A multimedia embedding tool to support leaders with their organisational roll out
  • Safety Starter App: Bolster safety leadership conversations and smooth reporting functions with a new app for iOS & Android

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