Capture what really counts this National Safe Work Month

At Sentis we are genuinely passionate about people, safety and wellbeing.

Our mission is to change the lives of individuals for the better, every day. That’s why we capture what really counts – the ‘Moments that matter’ – in our Personal Big 5.

Together we understand that safety is about protecting ourselves and each other for something, not from something; and we encourage organisations to look beyond Zero Harm towards Safety Citizenship.

We’re delighted to share our postcard ahead of National Safe Work Month and invite you to download same to share with your family, friends and colleagues during October 2015. Choose from either the in-house or professional printed versions to download.

Take a moment today to consider your safe choices. Because change is possible when you choose it.

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  • Carmen Yates says:

    Hi Sentis,

    Reading the above article has added three quotes to my collection that will evoke discussion when facilitating training of WHS Professionals. Weekly I hear horror stories of bullying, intimidation, fraudulent activities around LTI reporting and the list goes on.
    Yes, I to, believe change is possible when you choose it, perhaps for frontline workers we could add:- ‘Be brave’ in front of that statement.

    Thank you for caring.


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