Case Study: Ergon Energy

Following a successful implementation of the Sentis Zero Incident Process (ZIP) in 2005, Ergon Energy partnered again with Sentis to initiate the next step in their safety culture maturity journey. Sentis found that embedding of the original ZIP program was quite strong, so any subsequent solution would need to leverage this positive foundation.

Acknowledging the company’s progression in their safety culture journey, Sentis undertook a rigorous diagnostic process to identify the cultural barriers and levers required to unlock the next stage of safety maturity. Sentis quickly identified that the company’s progressive stance toward leveraging the capacity of their people to ‘go beyond’ the minimum standard required a bespoke and ‘next generation’ safety program – Safety Citizens.

More than 2,000 metro, regional and remotely located employees have now experienced this ‘next generation’ safety program. Through application of the Sentis Way, and in particular use of a scientific research diagnostic to inform the design of a purpose built solution, Ergon Energy has achieved significant positive business impact and a sustainable cultural change.

One year on, highlights include:

↑ Engagement Each team completes 48 more safety activities and 15 more safety visits per month
↑ Capability 68% improvement in leaders’ ability to conduct effective safety interactions
↑ Ownership 12% improvement in employee willingness to report incidents and errors
↑ Culture 18% improvement in workgroup safety climate

Our partnership continues with Ergon Energy. We’re helping to induct new employees and refresh key concepts with an eLearning package, and we’re empowering the organisation to take ownership for the safety culture change process by providing a ‘coach the coach’ program for internal Safety Champions.