Case Study: Genesis Energy

Sentis’ partnership with Genesis Energy commenced in 2009, initially in the development of a bespoke safety intervention that would empower Genesis Energy to take control of safety outcomes on both an individual and organisational level. Built around Sentis’ Zero Incident Process (ZIP), grounded in proven psychology and evidenced through our research and assessments, Sentis and Genesis Energy have worked together to implement an enduring safety culture change solution.

A State-owned enterprise, Genesis Energy represents New Zealand’s largest energy retailer and employs more than 1000 people locally. As a generator of electricity also, Genesis has production sites in both the North and South Island, including renewable sources: hydro, themal, wind; LPG and natural gas. Genesis’ diverse operation – vertically integrated across energy generation, trading, and retail – required a flexible and customised approach on the part of Sentis to ensure the ZIP learnings connected with the entirety of the organisation.