It’s time to realise the hidden value in your business

Market volatility, just like that of the past few days, amplifies the challenge CEOs face when leading teams and businesses through uncertain times. Coupled with this, a continuing global war for talent, continued work-life imbalance and heightened expectations by millennials in the workplace, applies pressure upon leaders to not only attract, but also retain high performing employees.

Technology may well have accelerated changes to work practices and in workplaces. However, people (an organisation’s human capital, ie. the collective knowledge, skills, talent, attitude and experience held by employees) are, and will remain, a company’s greatest asset. Importantly for leaders, mental health will soon overtake physical fitness as the single biggest safety risk businesses face.

Organisations that have invested in, and implemented, an integrated wellbeing strategy understand that actively caring for employees is the key to unlocking engagement, commitment and productivity to:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Manage competitive pressures, and
  • Build employee resilience and organisational agility.

But what does a considered and sustainable approach to wellbeing look or feel like? At Sentis, our Wellbeing Culture Model defines the key elements as pertaining to the Individual, their Job, the Team, their Leader and the Organisation:

Wellbeing culture model

These aspects, if harnessed properly and aligned with your mission and business goals, can drive a significant and sustainable uplift in financial performance and prosperity. Because as most leaders know, employees who enjoy being at work are more likely to be loyal, productive and offer better customer service than those who don’t.

It’s time to realise the hidden value in your business. If you don’t, as Dan Bobby says in this month’s HR Professional, “employees will vote with their feet, or fail to join you in the first place. When that happens the only winners in the war for talent are your competitors.”

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