Great Work

“Great work with great impact” with our clients and the community

We are fortunate to not only change the lives of individuals every day in our work with clients but also through charitable initiatives that link to our values, passion and purpose.

Sentis created the iMind program to guide us to operate our business in a socially responsible and sustainable way, while contributing to areas of society and the environment that we are passionate about. iMind initiatives focus on three areas: Personal Health, Safety and Wellbeing, and Land Conservation and Endangered Species.

iMind initiatives have included:

  • Autism project
  • Buy A Bale Campaign to support drought effected farmers
  • Township campaign to raise money to build a water source for an African village
  • Clontarf visit to deliver Sentis programs to indigenous boys in Moree in partnership with GrainCorp
  • Providing laptops to a school in Vietnam in partnership with BHP

The Autism Project

Autism has been the theme of iMind’s global project from 2015, established by our team member William who is a proud parent of an autistic boy, Ky, born in 2000. William’s aim is to shine a light on the realities of a family living with autism as well as educating the wider community and providing support to families and carers of autistic children.

The project involved a number of activities designed to create awareness:

  • Internal education for the Sentis team regarding autism and the day to day realities for those with the condition and their families
  • Wellbeing Workshop at Autism Queensland – Sentis delivered a workshop aimed at supporting families and carers of autistic children. In line with the brain animations that Sentis had created to make complex concepts more accessible, the idea for an Autism animation was born.
  • Autism Animation – Sentis committed to deliver on their vision for an Autism animation that could be donated to Autism Associations and utilised to create awareness and understanding in Australia and beyond. They sought to build a team who had the expertise to deliver on this ambitious project. The animation was developed and designed by a team including Sentis, the animators Hotel Lima and Griffith University Film School and was proudly supported by the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, Autism Queensland and the Gold Coast University Hospital. Through this collaborative approach Sentis and the production team created ‘Ky’s Story’, a short animation raising awareness about living with autism, featuring his uncle, Hugo Weaving.

Share the animation and build the awareness

Our goal is for the animation to be shared as widely as possible and for organisations to be able to use this resource in educating their people and the community.

Stream or download the animation

You can also download a version that can be used offline by completing the form below (61 MB):

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For more information about Autism Spectrum Disorder, visit Autism Queensland.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Sentis with clients and in the community, please contact us