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As the festive season approaches, employees can become distracted, stressed and fatigued. Additionally, they can also be complacent or may struggle to re-engage in correct safety practices when returning to work after a welcome break.

Many organisations find the holidays can be a time of increased risk and safety incidents in the workplace. That’s why it’s critical for leaders to help teams stay safe by focusing their attention to manage risks effectively.

At Sentis, we understand that up to 95% of workplace incidents are caused by the choices individuals make. To help keep safety top of mind this holiday season, we’ve created a complimentary toolkit containing posters, a presentation and pre- and post-holidays activities for you to share with your teams. Because we are passionate about people, their safety and wellbeing; and we want you to “Stay Safe this Break”.

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Ready to Refocus, Refresh and Re-engage?

For Leaders wanting to take a strategic, effective and proven approach to ensuring safe production is top of mind for their employees in 2016 click here to find out more about our facilitated workshop and E-learning options.