White Paper: Paying the Cost of Fatigue: Too high a Price?

Employee fatigue is a problem that organisations need to tackle.

Fatigue is not only a personal issue, but also an issue of organisational concern. Fatigue impacts employee performance both directly and indirectly through a variety of factors such as increased absences and decreased cognition. Although lack of sleep, generally considered an employee’s personal issue that sits “outside of work,” is a definite cause of fatigue, a variety of work factors (e.g. shiftwork, high workload) directly cause employees to feel fatigued and also impact how much and how well employees sleep. As such, fatigue is clearly an organisational issue; fortunately, it is an issue that organisations can control. Through job and task design as well as training interventions, organisations can combat employee fatigue and avoid the estimated $330 million in lost productivity associated with fatigue each year. It is time to get started.

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