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My Safe Break Toolkit

As the holiday season approaches it’s more important than ever to remain safety vigilant at both work and home. Our My Safe Break Toolkit is available to assist you with preparing yourself and your team for a safe end to the year. We encourage you and your team to reflect on the toolkit resources and consider your PB5—who and what you make your safe choices for.

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The State of Safety Leadership Ebook

How do employees perceive safety leadership in their organisation? How do leaders perceive their own ability? What strengths and opportunity areas do safety leaders have in common? Do industry, age, tenure or position impact upwards perceptions of safety leadership? Find out the answers to these questions and more in The State of Safety Leadership ebook.

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The Safety Leadership Link Ebook

Intuitively, it makes sense that safety leadership predicts organisational safety culture. But where do the strongest relationships exist? What safety culture benefits will organisations observe if they invest heavily in leadership development? And what gaps might exist in their safety culture if they choose not to invest in their leaders? Find out the answers to these questions and more in The Safety Leadership Link ebook.

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Driving a Positive Safety Culture Ebook

How do you build a positive safety culture and what are the compelling business reasons to do so? In this ebook we discuss the results of a recent study by the award-winning Sentis research team, including 10 key drivers that influence positive and negative safety cultures.

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Managing Stress for Safety Toolkit

At Sentis we recognise that stress often gets in the way of our ability to see what really matters, distracts us from our tasks and, ultimately, impacts our ability to see and manage risks effectively. Our Managing Stress for Safety Toolkit explores ways that you can further support your team to be safe and healthy at work.

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