Business Agility

Business agility through continuous improvement

Our Approach

Businesses and leaders are constantly seeking ways to do more with less, increasing productivity and efficiency without increasing costs. Sentis’ continuous improvement solutions support leaders who want to achieve:

  • high performance cultures with a focus on continuous improvement;
  • adaptability and agility to respond to both internal and external pressures; and
  • a culture of innovation.

Our Sentis Infinity Leader model provides leaders with an understanding of the competencies and skills required to build a culture of continuous improvement. We work with leaders to identify their strengths and development potential in the areas of continuous improvement, innovation and agility, as well as their core leadership capabilities such as influence, collaboration and drive.

Leadership Development

infinity-leaderSentis’ Infinity Leader assessment helps leaders identify their personal strengths and areas for development. With both self-assessment and 360-degree options available, leaders gain an in-depth understanding of their leadership style.

To support their on-going development, Sentis offers one-on-one coaching to leaders who have completed the Infinity Leader assessment. This coaching targets eight competencies, improving areas of weakness and assisting leaders to understand how to capitalise on their strengths.

Sentis also offers a Leadership for Continuous Improvement training program to assist leaders to build the skills required to challenge their teams to continually improve and look for methods to improve the way work is done.

Front Line Leaders Program

In this course, frontline leaders become aware of how their attitudes and behaviours impact personal results and the results achieved by their team in relation to work quality and team health, safety and wellbeing. This program can be delivered through a variety of methods including Sentis-delivery, or train-the-trainer formats where internal staff are upskilled to deliver the program to employees.

With a focus on helping leaders tap into the discretionary effort each individual employee is capable of applying, leaders understand how to motivate and engage their team towards increased efficiency and innovation, as well as improved safety and wellbeing.

Key outcomes of the program include:

  • understanding your organisation’s vision and what this looks like when it comes to safety, quality, performance and wellbeing;
  • understanding how their role as a leader drives culture;
  • developing skills to effectively influence teams to invest in the culture to become a more efficient, innovative and safe place to work; and
  • further understanding of the link between good supervisor leadership and critical incidents.

Innovation Workshops

Sentis’ Innovation Workshops can be delivered in a two-hour or half-day format, and are designed to assist leaders in their ability to drive innovation within their teams. The program focuses on the difference between creativity and innovation, and introduces participants to the habits of leaders who challenge their teams to think differently. Techniques and tips to boost creativity and innovation are explored, and leaders explore how their attitudes can either crush or foster innovative thinking within their team.