Safety Culture

Move beyond compliance and empower your employees to work safely—not because they have to, but because they want to.

Safety performance is influenced positively or negatively by an organisation’s safety culture. The Sentis Safety Culture Maturity Model describes the journey organisations take as they progress towards safety excellence, detailing key characteristics and revealing levers for change.


Safety Citizenship focuses on empowering staff, building discretionary effort, and creating physically and psychologically safe people. When a culture of Safety Citizenship is achieved, safety becomes a shared responsibility and a core part of everyone’s job. Employees go above and beyond, strive to improve and learn from collective mistakes. They take on additional safety duties, routinely raise safety-related improvement ideas and consistently look out for the safety and wellbeing of their co-workers. Similarly, leaders demonstrate effective transactional and transformational leadership behaviours that drive effective safety performance.

Charting your journey to safety excellence

Where is your company at? Who are the leaders propelling your safety culture forward? Which sites, departments or crews are operating at higher or lower levels of maturity?

Diagnosing your current safety culture is the first step on your journey towards safety performance excellence and a culture of Safety Citizenship. Safety culture exists below the conscious awareness of leaders and employees alike, so accurate, unbiased diagnosis of an organisation’s safety culture requires an expert, systematic approach.

Onsite Safety Evaluation

Our Onsite Safety Evaluation (OSE) is a qualitative assessment of an organisation’s safety culture maturity. Using focus groups, interviews and observation, our research team measures your workforce’s safety attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, providing a ‘third party’ perspective and benchmark against industry best practice. Results and recommendations are used to inform and tailor safety programs and interventions.

Safety Climate Survey

Our Safety Climate Survey (SCS) provides a supplementary, quantitative assessment of safety climate—a snapshot of the underlying culture. A diagnostic survey, the SCS identifies organisational strengths and opportunities across four areas: environment, practices, person and leadership. It enables our team to measure leading indicators of safety performance and develop specific actions to improve safety, and may be used to track the impact of safety interventions over time.

For maximum effect, we recommended combining an OSE and SCS for a comprehensive diagnostic process. 

Towards Safety Citizenship

We’re here for the journey. Working with us, you can expect that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure we intimately understand your organisation’s needs, challenges and goals. Following diagnostics and initial consultations, we’ll be equipped to help improve your safety culture and address your key strengths and areas of opportunity through:

  • a range of engaging, experiential training programs, including our:
    • pioneering ZIP program to improve individual attitudes towards safety
    • Safety Citizens program to build a culture of discretionary safety effort, beyond compliance
    • safety leadership programs and supporting coaching to increase leadership capability at front-line, middle management and executive levels
  • digital knowledge platform, Sentis Dojo (powered by Axonify), which leverages brain science and gamification techniques to enhance learning and embed training content
  • post-program training, coaching and development of internal champions
  • multimedia toolkits to help cement and sustain long-term change.

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Safety Case Studies