Specialists in proactive and preventative psychological wellbeing for improved business performance.

Sentis’ mental health and wellbeing services have a proven track record of achieving measurable business improvements including:

  • a reduction in stress and psychological injury claim costs;
  • reduced absenteeism and presenteeism; and
  • improved productivity.

In fact, our clients have seen as high as a 64% improvement on productivity and a 66% decrease in worker’s compensation claims.

To achieve these types of outcomes, we focus on providing organisational, leader and individual level strategies that result in a healthier, higher performing workplace that will facilitate the long term integration of mental health and wellbeing into your organisation. Solutions offered may include:

  • A comprehensive diagnosis and assessment process to determine your organisation’s current level of cultural maturity in the area of wellbeing
  • Collaborative and practical consulting process
  • Relevant and engaging training for leaders and employees designed for maximum training transfer and sustained behavioural change
  • Our cutting edge knowledge platform Sentis Dojo offering the opportunity to build custom online learning capability, leveraging proven brain science and gamification techniques to enhance learning and embed training content
  • Coaching, multi-media toolkits, and a detailed implementation and support process.

Depending on your specific business needs, we will customise an evidenced-based and strategic organisational solution. Our services are delivered by highly qualified and experienced psychologists and wellbeing specialists. They are experts in our proactive and preventative solutions including: Resilience and Resolve, Mental Health Awareness, and Workplace Behaviours.

Resilience and Resolve – builds capability in individuals and provides methods by which leaders can influence others to have a helpful and constructive response to change, uncertainty, difficult circumstances, life’s challenges and other stressors in both the workplace and at home.

Mental Health Awareness – assists leaders and employees in dealing more effectively with workplace mental health issues through promoting awareness and recognition of mental health in the workplace, developing skills in how to support mental health issues appropriately, conducting supportive conversations and building capacity to cope with life’s stressors.

Workplace Behaviours  – assists leaders and employees in understanding the importance of their attitudes and behaviours in the workplace, and how they can consciously choose to influence others in a positive way, with practical tools provided including recognising others, and having challenging conversations.