Switch your brain on to stay safe this holiday season

Whether you’re taking leave or working through the holidays, as the year draws to a close it’s more important than ever to remain safety vigilant at both work and home.

To assist you with preparing yourself and your team for a safe end to the year, Sentis has developed a short video and series of supporting posters for your workplace. We encourage you and your team to reflect on these and consider your PB5—who and what you make your safe choices for.

Simply complete the form below to download the ‘My safe break’ toolkit (27 MB).

Trouble accessing the toolkit?
Some clients may find they require assistance from their internal IT team to download files from external websites due to firewalls/system restrictions. If you are still experiencing challenges in accessing the toolkit please contact us to look at an alternate method of sharing.

Refresh, Refocus, Re-engage

Refresh and refocus your team for the year ahead

Returning from holidays after a welcome break, employees can be complacent or may struggle to re-engage in correct safety practices. Many organisations find this to be a time of increased risk with safety incidents occurring in the workplace.

At Sentis, we’re passionate about people and their safety and wellbeing. That’s why we’d like to support you in setting a safe and productive path for your teams in 2017.

Contact us to discuss our Refresh, Refocus and Re-engage workshops and let us help you re-energise employees to ensure they are switched on and focused for the year ahead.