Trial Facilitation

As outlined in the email you received about your internal trial facilitation, we have asked you to prepare two 15 minute facilitations as part of the next step in the process. The first of these facilitations is The RAS section. You will find the additional resources (a slide set and a video) that you need to prepare for this facilitation through following the instructions below.

The second 15 minute facilitation is to be anything of your choice. All we ask is that it is something you know well and are passionate about. Please bring anything extra you may need for this part of your Internal Trial.

Please be aware that during your facilitation, we will also invite a few other available team members to be a participant in your Trial Facilitation. Following your facilitation, we will engage in a feedback process. We know that you will be somewhat nervous – that is only natural – and we seek to provide you with an environment that is really supportive and friendly, we have no tricks up our sleeve and we will be happy and willing participants!

Instruction for Downloading the Slide Set and Videos for the RAS Section:

Download the Trial Facilitation slides here: DOWNLOAD SLIDES

When prompted click Save and select a location on your computer to download the files


When opening the file, use the supplied password to access or extract the files in the ZIP archive