Webinar | Leading through change – Key learnings

On Thursday 12 May 2016, we hosted the first of our webinars in the Leadership & Learning series.

With such a wonderful turnout and great discussion, our own Anthony Gibbs and Olivia Wallis shared insights from neuroscience and applied psychology with over 100 participants from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Please find below key learnings from our ‘Leading through change’ webinar; in addition to the recording and presentation materials:

1. In order to increase the likelihood your team will respond positively to an upcoming change, consider the following points during your initial communication:

  • Try to ensure initial communication comes from someone your team knows and respects. It is ideal if their direct leader can be part of the initial communication process.
  • Prepare your team for change by talking about why the status quo is not working.
  • Make sure your team knows there is a plan in place, as well as clear direction and vision.
  • Emphasise what will stay the same and what is working.
  • Let the team know they will have opportunities for input and feedback.

2. Once change has commenced, the following strategies can improve your chances of getting your team on board with the change:

  • Make sure you follow through and provide your team with opportunities to provide feedback and input on the change.
  • Provide as much information, as frequently as possible. If you don’t have answers, provide them with future dates when you will be able to provide more answers.
  • Allow your team time to process the change. Let them plan how they will implement it, and what actions they will take.
  • Emphasise any new opportunities for learning and development of existing employees that will occur as a result of the change.
  • If there will be structural changes within your team, allow time and opportunities for your team to build relationships with new team members.

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