Webinar | Leading through change – Invitation

Few leaders today are unfamiliar or inexperienced with managing change. Most leaders, however, would admit that change – whether cultural, organisational, technological or operational in nature – needs to be better managed, sustained even, in order to deliver real benefit and lasting value.

At Sentis we can help. Our deep understanding of neuroscience and innovative use of applied psychology can help you to better engage with your team; supporting them individually and as a group through the change process, minimising the risk of presenteeism and lost productivity at a time when your organisation, or its customers, needs it least.

The first webinar in our Leadership and Learning series for 2016 explores what you can do to enable, rather than direct, your team through the changes ahead.

Thursday 12 May 2016

13.00 Brisbane, Australia

1 hour


  • Why change is so challenging – understand why our brains are so resistant to change, and how you can overcome initial negativity within your team
  • Know when to DRIVE – our model can help you to influence your team to respond more positively to upcoming change, by understanding how change can trigger our brain’s threat response
  • Create a positive first impression of change – use our model to reduce the natural threat response when change is first introduced
  • Tips for rolling out a change – learn strategies that will help your team get on board with upcoming changes.

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