Webinar | Making Sense of Safety Culture

Harnessing the drivers that impact safety performance

In this webinar, Sentis experts leverage industry data and research to clarify the concept of safety culture and its importance in driving helpful safety behaviours.

Over the past two years, a select group of Sentis clients has participated in an important study to measure and improve their safety cultures. Recently we leveraged this data to uncover key trends across heavy industry.* We analysed the data extracted from hundreds of onsite activities, and determined overarching themes that sit across organisations and industries. In doing so, we uncovered 10 key drivers that influence positive and negative safety cultures.

In this one-hour complimentary webinar for leaders we will explore:

  • Definitions of safety culture as well as the impact of positive and negative safety cultures
  • How to measure safety culture to determine cultural maturity
  • How to identify the five features of a negative safety culture, and how you can address these opportunities

Event details
Wednesday 1 March 2017

1:30 – 2:30 pm AEST (Brisbane)

1 hour


Where do I sign up?

Registration has closed for this event. You can download the recording and slide deck here.


*Our research sample included 30 separate sites from 17 companies, across six different industries: mining, utilities, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and agriculture.