Webinar Recording | Get in the game: The Brain Science and Gamification of real-time Safety Training

Thank you to all who joined us for our recent webinar ‘Get in the game: The Brain Science and Gamification of real-time Safety Training’.

We had over 160 leaders register to join us from a range of industries across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and Africa to join us in exploring:

  • The cultural, business and economic drivers necessitating the move beyond traditional training approaches
  • The brain science behind spaced repetition, gamification and confidence based learning and why it’s so effective
  • How to harness technology to assist employees to develop helpful safety attitudes that drive safe behaviours in the field
  • Overcoming barriers to adoption and enabling successful implementation in geographically diverse, cross generational and contractor workforces.

Participants were also provided with an overview of our new Sentis Dojo knowledge platform. Sentis Dojo uses the latest technology, combined with the most current research in brain science and learning, to embed training content and increase the likelihood of employees applying their new knowledge in the workplace.

Access the webinar recording and resources

Download the supporting slide deck (6 MB).

To discover more about the brain science of learning and how Sentis Dojo can assist your business, request a demo or contact us.