Webinar | Safety Citizens – Moving your team beyond compliance

With so much of the conversation in the safety community being focused on the downfalls and shortcomings of targeting “ZERO”, Sentis has been exploring evidence based, pragmatic and proven strategies to improve safety performance through increasing employee engagement.

Rather than focusing on the absence of workplace injuries and illness many organisations working with Sentis are striving towards the goal of “Safety Citizenship.” Safety Citizenship focuses on developing team and organisational environments that foster genuine workplace engagement and commitment to safety.

What does an organisation operating at Citizenship look like?

  • Safety is a core part of everyone’s job and a shared responsibility, leaders and employees striving to improve and learn from collective mistakes.
  • Employees are engaged in critical citizenship behaviours such as taking on additional safety duties, routinely raising up safety-related improvement ideas, and consistently looking out for the wellbeing of co-workers.
  • Leaders are operating at a citizenship level demonstrating effective transactional and transformational leadership behaviours that drive effective safety performance.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

13.00-14.00 Brisbane, Australia


  • The origins of Safety Citizenship in the literature and how it impacts performance
  • The value proposition of and ROI of investing in building a culture of Safety Citizenship
  • Practical steps organisations need to consider in building a culture of Safety Citizenship
  • A case study demonstrating the results your organisation could realise if your organisation was to explore Safety Citizenship


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