What does your resilience and resolve profile say about you?

Astute business leaders understand that the capacity to deal with significant challenges (ie. resilience), combined with the ability to find a path forward when faced with common challenges (ie. resolve), is a good indicator of an effective workforce.

Considered together and over time, these qualities produce an invaluable profile:

Rr profile(informed by the work of Ferry & Becker)


When you are faced with, for example, an unhappy customer or job loss, the impact that event has on the ability for your mind to function optimally (known as cognitive effectiveness) is largely dependent on your resilience and resolve, ie. Rr.

How quickly and how far you decline, and how quickly you recover and, ultimately, bounce forward from adversity are all factors also determined by your levels of Rr.

We’ve all noticed that some employees are able to recover quickly from change and adversity, whereas others not only decline very quickly when challenges present, but also struggle to return to a baseline of cognitive effectiveness even after a significant period of time.

Despite these differences in our baseline levels of resilience and resolve, the most important aspect of the Rr profile is that we are all capable of improving it with conscious and directed attention. By doing so, organisations can benefit from a workforce that is more likely to:

  • Adapt well to organisational change
  • Recover quickly from set backs
  • Be at the forefront of innovative solutions
  • Find alternative pathways for business success, and
  • Assist others to overcome challenges.

In an ever changing landscape of commercial reality and disruption, organisations are not just seeking to attract candidates with high levels of resilience and resolve. They are also looking to retain those leaders and employees who foster these qualities in the business and in their teams because both are needed in order for individuals to flourish and organisations to thrive.

Perhaps it is time you evaluated your Rr profile…

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