Jamie Mallinder

Associate Consultant

Jamie Mallinder Headshot

Jamie Mallinder brings close to 20 years of expertise in workplace health and safety, with a focus on mental health, wellbeing and leadership. His unique approach incorporates quantum safety principles and the Lilypond Safety Theory to drive meaningful cultural change within organisations.

Jamie has contributed to safety cultures in a wide range of industries, including mining, manufacturing, energy and the corporate sector, both in Australia and internationally. His extensive experience includes working with culturally diverse teams, enabling him to address the unique challenges faced by leaders and employees alike.

Jamie’s innovative methods and deep understanding of psychological safety benefit clients by fostering safer, healthier work environments. His work has been recognised with accolades that include the highly regarded Best Practice in Suicide Prevention in a Workplace LiFE award, which he was awarded at the 2023 National Suicide Prevention Conference. Jamie is also a sought-after speaker and thought leader, contributing regularly to industry conferences and publications.

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