How mature is your safety culture?

It's no surprise that safety culture impacts safety performance. But what does safety culture look like at varying levels of maturity? Importantly, how can we measure and influence it? To truly measure safety culture, a comprehensive third-party diagnostic is required. This typically involves a combination of quantitative and qualitative diagnostic methods that help to create a complete picture of maturity, as well as strengths and opportunity areas across and between sites. While not a replacement for a formal diagnostic, the Safety Culture Indicator can help you to personally reflect on the safety culture of your organisation.

What is the Safety Culture Indicator?

Assessing seven subset dimensions of safety culture, the Safety Culture Indicator provides a quick snapshot based on your perceptions of safety culture in your organisation. Specifically, the tool explores perceptions around:

  • hazard awareness;
  • safety procedures;
  • willingness to report incidents and errors;
  • supervisor production pressure;
  • safety responsibility;
  • manager safety commitment; and
  • safety training.

The Safety Culture Indicator takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and provides a free personalised report across these seven dimensions. Although the Safety Culture Indicator cannot be used as a formal diagnostic of your organisation's safety culture maturity, it can assist you to build a case for change. Your individual report can be used as a tool to kick-start internal conversations around safety culture maturity and the importance of conducting a third-party assessment to identify strengths and opportunities in your organisation.

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