The challenge

People with hindering safety attitudes are more likely to experience workplace injuries and safety incidents.

But helping your people to become aware of their safety choices can make all the difference for your organisation’s safety culture.

The solution

ZEROScale is a psychometric assessment that measures the specific thinking patterns that drive people’s safety behaviours.

This personal and confidential questionnaire measures a set of safety attitudes that are linked to individual and organisational health and safety outcomes.

Raise awareness, identify helpful and hindering thinking patterns, and benchmark individual results against the industry norm.



Individual safety attitudes, thinking patterns and awareness



Online survey



Individual report that is typically debriefed during a training program and an optional aggregate report for managers

The outcome


Increase your people’s awareness about safety. ZEROScale helps them to understand how their personal thinking style influences their safety behaviour.


Access leading safety data to identify trends in thinking patterns and safety performance across your business.


Benchmark your organisation against a database of more than 50,000 respondents from most industries.


Use ZEROScale to track your safety culture transformation and measure your people’s safety attitudes before and after ZIP training.

Make the choice for safety

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