Psychosocial Risk Management

Fostering better mental health & wellbeing in the workplace

The challenge

With increased requirements globally, it has never been more important for employers to provide a psychosocially healthy and safe work environment.

The consequences of poor work conditions extend beyond individual mental health, impacting families, teams, organisations, society and even more broadly, the economy. It’s both a legal and moral duty to ensure that our workplaces are safe physically, socially and psychologically.  

The solution

Our team of psychologists and consultants are here to provide bespoke psychosocial risk management solutions for your organisation. Our aim is to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing, prevent injuries from occurring on the job and ensure your people feel safe coming to work as their whole selves.

Shaping the collective understanding of workplace mental health and wellbeing


Your understanding of the psychosocial risks your employees are facing in their roles, as well as how to address them effectively and with compassion.  


The management process would typically start with a review of existing workplace data and the option for additional data gathering through a survey and/or focus group. 

From there, we will present your results and develop a long-term solution to the management of psychosocial risks in your workplace.


A detailed and comprehensive management plan designed to solve your companies’ unique challenges and put improved, healthier ways of working in place. This may also include a risk register specific to your organisation if required. 

The outcome


By understanding your risks and working to provide a  healthy and safe work environment for your employees, you’ll be well on your way to meeting not only your legal, but also moral and ethical obligations as an employer. 

Employee mental health & wellbeing

Investing in early intervention and creating mentally healthy workplaces will help you to prevent work-related psychosocial harm among your employees.


When employees feel safe and supported, they can truly thrive in their role. Watch as productivity, innovation and overall job satisfaction increase. 

Safety culture maturity

Your business’s commitment to psychosocial health and safety shows it takes a mature approach to safety – making it an attractive place to work. With time, this focus will shape your organisation’s overall safety culture.

Start building a mentally healthy workplace

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Make the choice for safety

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