The challenge

The demands of your daily work can limit your ability to consistently gather information, feedback and safety observations from your people on the ground.

The solution

Capture safety behaviour data in the field and streamline your observation processes with an on-demand app for high-quality insights. Improve the feedback loop between observers and workers, share safety information and enhance safety on onsite.

Gather cultural insights and data from observations made on the ground at your organisation.



‘Safe’, ‘at-risk’ and ‘good catch’ behaviours, recurring themes of onsite behaviour and the quality and quantity of infield observations made



Use the app on your smartphone or tablet (available to use while offline and will sync data when online)



View observation data online on the Sentis Portal: identify training needs, establish better observation processes and improve the quality and quantity of infield safety conversations

Support your desired safety culture with a one-day training program for leaders.

Training helps your observers understand their role and responsibility to conduct helpful observation processes within your organisation.

The outcome


Move beyond ticking the safety compliance box and gather important insights about your people’s onsite safety behaviours.


Use data to make more informed decisions and deploy better safety initiatives, reward and recognition programs and opportunities for further training and development.


Improve observation accountability and consistency by taking your observation data online for real-time insights. Make quicker and more efficient decisions through our easy access data portal.


Foster a better culture and greater trust between observers and infield workers through best practice observation processes and transparent in-the-moment feedback.

The Sentis Portal

Your online dashboard is easy to use and presents your observation data in an easy-to-understand style, so you can zone into the details or focus on larger, recurring safety behaviour themes onsite.

Transform your safety culture

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