The challenge

For many people, the messages from safety training can be lost in the day-to-day routine of work. But with the right support and tools, leaders can keep safety concepts top-of-mind in teams.

The solution

Enable your people to take ownership of your organisation’s safety culture with multimedia toolkits and training to develop people’s group training capabilities.

Toolkits and training to embed ZIP concepts in work processes.



The confidence of leaders in engaging their teams by using the concepts of ZIP – Taking Control of my Safety.



Multimedia toolkits: PowerPoint presentations, factsheets, posters, animations, emails and other materials that reinforce key concepts from the ZIP program.



Integrate the key ZIP concepts into day-to-day work tasks. Each toolkit lasts for three months, although can be adjusted to suit operational needs. There are six topics available:

  1. Risk awareness
  2. Playing our part
  3. Safety as a currency
  4. Taking control of your brain
  5. Hand safety
  6. Slips, trips and falls

The outcome


Help your people to understand how your organisation’s safety tools, practices and protocols help them get home to the people and things they love.


Transfer new behaviours and skills from training to the workplace with multimedia tools that reinforce key ZIP concepts.


Boost your in-house capability to facilitate effective safety communication.


Generate maximum return on your organisation’s training investment with tools that help to increase the quantity and quality of workplace safety conversations.

Make the choice for safety

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