Mark Sullivan


After retiring from a globally successful career as a competitive Ballroom and Latin dancer, Mark has established himself as an expert in performance management and consulting.  

Having recently returned to Australia after a 3 ½ year residency in Texas, Mark brings more than 19 years’ experience in consulting and is a sought-after speaker and advisor to educators, corporate leaders, athletic teams and individuals. 

Mark is always looking for the best approach to have the greatest impact. In his current role and throughout his career, Mark’s goal has been to equip and encourage others. His focus is on growing high performers, maximising leaders and multiplying the influence of all the individuals he engages.  

With the ability to find a way to reach the core issue and drive results with lasting impact, Mark challenges others to seek and achieve extreme performance levels. An intense commitment to excellence and growth have opened the door for Mark to serve Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, education professionals and individuals.

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