Building Resilience

Empower your people to thrive at work and in life.

The challenge

Are you supporting the resilience and wellbeing of your people to enable them to thrive?

At some point in time, everyone will be faced with change, challenges and stress in their lives. While some people manage stressful periods effectively, others struggle to cope and may find that work stress impacts home life, or home stress impacts performance at work.

The solution

Supported, resilient people contribute to creating a positive workplace culture and mark the difference between organisations that crumble in challenge and those that stand strong and transform.

Building Resilience supports your people to build the resilience and wellness needed to cope with stress, and the mental agility to effectively navigate change and uncertainty.

Sentis resilience model

The Five Practices of Resilience

1. Active and Engaged
Practicing health and wellbeing behaviours that build endurance and promote mental and emotional recovery

2. Optimistic and Solution-focussed
Practicing cognitive flexibility strategies that promote an emotional capacity for resilience

3. Living with Purpose
Practicing the pursuit of meaningful goals that accentuate one’s strengths and values

4. Connected and Aware
Practicing self-awareness and social intelligence to build positive relationships and a sense of acceptance and belonging

5. Social Citizen
Practicing kindness and contribution to foster community connectedness

Improve resilience, enhance wellbeing and empower your people to thrive.


Build resilience in your team to help them thrive at work and enjoy a happier and healthier life.


Building Resilience is available via a full digital delivery, as a face-to-face program or as a blended experience.

The digital and blended experiences are delivered across six modules that explore the Five Practices of Resilience. An additional leader-only module ‘Leading Thriving Teams’ equips leaders to champion and embed resilience strategies with their teams.


Increase your team’s resilience, improve performance outcomes and enhance overall wellbeing culture and leadership

The outcome


Support your people to build their resilience, no matter where they are. And ensure that they remain focused on what’s most important—even in times of increased stress or uncertainty.


Improve resilience and wellbeing by helping people understand how their brain works and what it needs to function clearly, calmly and optimally. And, provide them with the practical tools and life skills to take control of their thinking, feelings, behaviours and the results they get in life.


Participate in interactive activities, group discussions and practical application sessions that provide opportunities for reflection, sharing and to troubleshoot challenges and questions.


Building Resilience is an evidence-based program that teaches skills and strategies shown to create lasting psychological and physical health benefits.

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