Banyula Conservation Reserve

Sentis is proud to have invested more than $2.25 million in purchasing, restoring and managing 465 ha of land in the Pillar Valley NSW as part of our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future, where biodiversity flourishes and Sentis leaves a lasting mark on the world.

Banyula Conservation Reserve, nestled in the breathtaking Pillar Valley of North-Eastern NSW, is a sanctuary dedicated to preserving our natural heritage while creating a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

Banyula Conservation Reserve

At Sentis, we are driven by a passion for making a positive impact on individuals and organisations. 

That’s why, in August 2019, we invested in a 136-ha property, Banyula Conservation Reserve. Banyula supports sustainable environments that not only enhance biodiversity but also serve to provide a lasting legacy for threatened Australian species.

With your help, in January 2021, we further expanded the reserve by acquiring an additional 332-ha of land. Banyula presents an unparalleled opportunity to advance our mission and make an even greater positive impact on the environment.

By working with Sentis, you become an integral part of our mission to make a positive impact on our world.

The widespread fires that devastated the local area in 2019 have made our work even more time critical. At Banyula Conservation Reserve, we employ a science-based approach supported by ecologists to drive meaningful change which has enabled:

A wildlife monitoring program using stationary cameras, with motion detection activation, as well as spotlighting and on-ground searches.

The identification of more than 360 plant species and more than 85 bird species.

A feasibility study on the creation of a predator-proof enclosure to house critical remaining members of small mammal species.

Work and volunteer opportunities supporting the local community.

Preserving Biodiversity, Building Legacies

Banyula Conservation Reserve serves as a crucial catalyst for change.

Situated in the lower Clarence Valley area, our reserve shares a boundary with the Candole State Forest, forming a vibrant conservation community within a noted biodiversity hotspot.

By supporting conservation-minded landholders and maximising positive biodiversity impact, we are part of a movement that creates lasting legacies for threatened Australian species – both flora and fauna.

Banyula Watch: Sustainability in Action

Banyula features in this recent update about the area from LLS NSW. This video describes why the land we purchased is valuable for many species of birds and small mammals in particular.

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