Safety interactions

Help your leaders to make a difference on the ground.

The challenge

Every interaction between a leader and their team can make a powerful, life-saving difference in people’s lives. But without the right training, your leaders may not have the skills they need to continuously drive safe work performance on the ground.

The solution

Train your leaders to continue the safety culture transformation in their teams. Safety interaction training helps your leaders to engage, support, recognise and coach their teams.

Tailored training and tools to meet your teams’ safety needs.


Your leaders’ skillset and ability to effectively interact and support their teams.


Participate in safety interaction training, coaching and consultation.


Train and equip leaders in both formal and informal interaction processes to make the most of regular safety interactions with their team.

Tools and training

Review and improve your existing interaction processes
Improve safety leadership interaction skills
Review and coach leaders on effective interactions

The outcome


Use data from infield interactions to make more informed decisions and deploy better safety initiatives, reward and recognition programs and opportunities for further training and development.


Improve leadership accountability and foster a better culture and greater trust between leaders and teams through best practice interaction processes and transparent in-the-moment feedback.


Help your people to understand how your organisation’s safety tools, practices and protocols help them get home to the people and things they love.


Participate in training and coaching tailored to improve your leaders’ safety interactions, engagement and communication with teams.

Make the choice for safety

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