Taking Control of High-Risk Work

Helping workers understand their role in building safer workplaces​

The challenge

While it’s essential for workers to comprehend and manage high-risk work, it’s unlikely that this alone can create a fundamental shift in how critical risk is managed.

To get buy in from workers, people need to understand not just the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your oragnisation’s Critical Risk Management (CRM) system, but the ‘why’ component, as well.  

The solution

With Taking Control of High-Risk Work, workers learn the impact their attitude has on safety outcomes, as well as how to manage critical risks using the tools and processes at their disposal. By examining how the brain works in high-risk situations, this program illustrates to workers why in-field verifications are more than just ticks and flicks, but vital to everyone’s safety.  

Influencing better safety outcomes for higher performing teams


Your people’s understanding of not only how your businesses CRM functions, but its value and intent. Empower them to ask questions, make suggestions and report challenges.  


One day of face-to-face training (one module) and program materials for a group of 15. Ideally, all members will have previously completed foundation modules (or equivalent). 


An in-depth understanding of the CRM system used, including roles, responsibilities and the ‘person component’ of critical control implementation.

The outcome


Having learned their roles and why their input is vital to better safety outcomes, workers will feel more invested and prepared to take an active role in the risk management process. 


With an understanding of how the brain perceives and responds to danger, workers will be equipped to make better decisions and improve risk management practices overall.


Workers will gain a thorough understanding of your businesses CRM system, enhancing operational efficiency and risk awareness.

Transform your safety culture

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Make the choice for safety

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