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Positive Safety in Your Organisation

We've evolved our approach and philosophy to be about more than just the reduction of harm. Our focus is on using safety to improve the quality of life for individuals and, consequently, greater efficiency and operational success for organisations. We call this Positive Safety.

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Our New & Improved Safety Climate Survey

We are thrilled to announce significant improvements to our Safety Climate Survey, a cornerstone of our comprehensive diagnostics suite. We've reimagined and enhanced this essential tool, empowering you to uncover deeper insights, cultivate a proactive safety culture and embark on a journey towards a safer, more resilient future.


Create sustainable change in your organisation. We work with you using psychologically based principles to transform your organisation’s safety culture.

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Break through your safety plateau

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Wherever we go, we revive the safety norm

The Sentis experience is transformative for individuals and organisations alike—sparking high performance and reducing recordable injury rates around the world to help more people return home to their Personal Big5™.


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Equip and empower your employees to make safer choices

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Team safety development

Connect with teams and create a strong foundation and drive for continuous safety improvement....