Leadership coaching

Support your leaders to enact safety culture change

The challenge

Strong safety leadership drives positive safety cultures. But only 24% of leaders display strong safety leadership capabilities.
While formal safety leadership training can engage and up-skill leaders, they don’t always receive the support they need to apply this training back into the workplace.

The solution

Coaching helps your leaders to successfully apply what they’ve learnt in training to drive your safety culture forward. The Sentis CogCoach methodology is simple, structured and targeted to allow leaders to invest in their personal development and improve their safety leadership capability.

Coaching options

Sentis coaching focuses on improving safety leadership capability. We offer three coaching solutions to support your safety culture goals:

ZIP application: Coach your leaders to apply core ZIP concepts, support the use of ZIP language and improve interactions between leaders and teams.

Individual development: Improve leaders capability across the 8 Safety Leadership Competencies measured in the Safety Leadership Assessment.

Process improvement: Help leaders to improve their in-field safety interactions and prestart meeting delivery.

Tailor your coaching needs to your business with one-on-one or small group sessions, conducted in-field (includes office-based sites) or online.

Develop leaders' ability to improve and influence team safety performance.


The skills and tools to enhance engagement and personal ownership of safety


45-minute one-on-one or 90-minute small group coaching sessions, delivered in-person or online via videoconferencing.

All leaders receive a personal coaching passport to track reflections, commitments and progress.


Increase leaders’ ability to positively influence team safety attitudes, respectfully challenge hindering attitudes, and support employees to continuously improve their safety behaviour

The outcome


Influence and challenge safety attitudes using psychologically based principles and build trust in teams by leading with a strong safety vision.


Find new strategies to support team members to meet role expectations and promote continuous improvement.


Personalised support to drive clear development goals and build confidence in applying training back into the workplace.


Foster real change and safety citizenship through a framework that helps your leaders increase their self-awareness and their ability to monitor personal performance.

Make the choice for safety

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