Leading High-Risk Work

Understand the critical role leaders play in the field

The challenge

Leaders often struggle with balancing technical risk management requirements and fostering a positive safety culture in their teams. Unchecked, this can lead to a culture of blame and mistrust – with workarounds and incidents going unreported.

The solution

Leading High-Risk Work emphasizes both critical control management fundamentals and the soft skills necessary to conduct effective critical control verifications on the job. We provide experiential and engaging training to help your leaders build not only high-trust environments, but also a comprehensive understanding of your Critical Risk Management (CRM) system. To ensure transfer of learning, leaders also receive skills coaching while conducting critical control verifications in the field. 

Building trust between leaders and the frontline for safer workplaces


The fundamentals of critical risk controls and the leadership skills needed to conduct verifications, all while fostering a psychosocially safe work environment within your team.


One day of face-to-face training (one module) and program materials for a group of 15. Ideally, all members will have previously completed foundation modules (or equivalent). 


An in-depth understanding of the Critical Risk Management (CRM) system used, including roles, responsibilities and the ‘person component’ of critical control implementation.

The outcome


Equip leaders with the knowledge they need to effectively identify and manage critical risks, ensuring safer work practices. 


Gain a thorough understanding of the businesses CRM system, enhancing operational efficiency and risk awareness.


Understand the importance of a learning mindset and how to foster a culture that values proactive risk management and engagement from team members. 


Develop leadership skills specific to high-risk environments, including conducting critical control verifications and influencing a positive safety mindset.

Transform your safety culture

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