Our Approach

Transform your safety culture

At Sentis we are a purpose driven business.

Our mission is to change the lives of individuals and organisations for the better, every day. We achieve our mission by doing great work, supporting great work and being a great place to work.

We have evolved our approach and philosophy to be about more than just the reduction of harm. Our focus is on using safety to improve the quality of life for individuals and, consequently, greater efficiency and operational success for organisations. We call this Positive Safety.

Positive Safety is about focusing on proactive safety controls and genuine, helpful attitudes that can guide organisations to create a culture of trust, growth and excellence that leads to safer results.

We offer clients a comprehensive suite of solutions, ranging from diagnostics and consulting through to training and coaching, with the practical application of content at the forefront. This allows your people to move beyond compliance and towards a mature safety culture, where everyone pulls together to raise the bar for safe work and to achieve safety excellence.

Want to know more?

Positive Safety in Your Organisation is a result of 20 years of applied experience, and represents the progression of our safety methodology from ZIP to Positive Safety.

Discover our comprehensive suite of safety solutions and how our approach to safety has helped more than 500 companies and 200,000 people across 36 countries.

Expanding Safety

Caring for the Complete Individual

Positive safety involves cultivating a positive physical, social and psychological experience of safety that not only reduces incidents but also enhances overall organisational culture and performance

Physical Experience

Work environment, equipment, hazardous tasks, shift work etc

Psychological Experience

Resilience, engagement, wellbeing and mental health

Social Experience

Quality of relationships with team and leaders, communication, trust, support, etc

International Consulting and Training

Safety is a global challenge, which means our offerings don’t start and stop on Australian soil. We boast a large network of consultants and facilitators, situated around the world, ready and willing to travel to do what they do best. 

With the help of local translators, client representatives or bilingual Sentis consultants, we’ve effectively translated our materials, surveys and training programs into over 20 languages.

Below, you’ll find an overview of deployment solutions we’ve previously executed to give you an idea of what we can achieve together.

Multinational/Language Deployment Overview

How we drive culture transformation

Common Langauge

Our training helps you to create a common language for safety in your workplace.

Regardless of education or experience, everyone in your team understands key safety concepts and contributes to a healthy safety culture.

Culture of active care

We promote a culture of active care within your leaders and teams.

Active care prioritises safety and builds it into everyday practices. Every worker is empowered to raise issues publicly in meetings and training sessions, or privately with leadership.

Equip people with transferable skills

Keep your people safe—not just at work but at home, too.

Everything we train your people to do can be applied at home. Your people are better equipped to deal with stress, to focus and stay safe in every area of life.

Safety leadership

We engage with leaders at every stage of the process.

Safety leadership is crucial to creating mature safety cultures. We work with your leaders to help them reflect and foster better skills and safety culture in your organisation.

Make safety interesting

Move beyond tick-and-flick safety mentality and get real about safety.

We make safety interesting by empowering your people to take safety personally and to see it as a vital choice with life-changing outcomes.

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