Refresher programs

Get maximum value out of your training over time with refresher programs that keep safety top of mind.

The challenge

You’ve seen this before: motivation and safe behaviours spike after training. But 12 months later, people begin to lose focus, forget the importance of what they learned and use the language or concepts less.

The solution

Refresher programs sustain the value of your training investment. Rather than repeating the same content, we invite people to apply Positive Safety concepts in new ways to their daily work.

Keep safety top of mind

Keep your safety vision front and centre with targeted refreshers at all levels of your organisation.


A renewed drive for safety, building from Taking Control of My Safety and Leading a Safe Culture programs.


Half and full-day refresher options for teams. Full-day refreshers for leaders.


Realign your teams and leaders with Positive Safety concepts and apply learnings to daily practice and common workplace challenges.

The outcome


Remind your team to prioritise their Personal Big5™ and use practical brain tools to make safe choices at work and at home.


Foster real change and safety citizenship through a framework that motivates your teams to renew their commitment to improve safety culture.


Revisit foundational and psychologically-based Positive Safety concepts, and help your people to apply these principles to their processes.


Refresh, refocus and re-engage your team with resources, activities, discussions and examples of scenarios that happen in your workplace.

Make the choice for safety

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