Psychosocial Safety

Fostering a culture of positive safety that promotes wellbeing, productivity, innovation and inclusiveness.

The challenge

At Sentis, we believe that improving psychosocial safety at work is the key to going beyond compliance to achieve a mature and collaborative safety culture.

The introduction of psychosocial regulations in Australia has led to a heightened focus on mental health and social wellbeing in the workplace, making identifying and addressing risks more crucial than ever.

Meaning, organisations have a clear responsibility to create a healthy, safe work environment. Employees need to feel empowered to manage their tasks, overcome challenges, and reach their full potential by utilising resources and the support provided to them.

The solution

To achieve this, it’s critical for organisation’s to empower leaders and teams with the necessary resources, tools, and knowledge to create a safe and healthy workplace environment. Our psychosocial safety suite integrates these principles into practical solutions that help organisations transform their safety culture and create a thriving workplace.

A Vision of Positive Safety

Positive safety is about focusing on proactive safety controls and genuine, helpful attitudes that can guide organisations to create a culture of trust, growth and excellence that leads to safer results.

Positive safety addresses the physical, social and psychological aspects of safety, resulting in an environment that supports each individual to bring the best of themselves to work.

Cultivate a thriving workplace environment with our psychosocial safety solutions

Assessments & Diagnostics

Understand your organisation’s current state with respect to psychosocial safety through surveys and assessments.

Training, Coaching & Leadership Development

Equip your leaders and employees with the skills and knowledge to foster a psychosocially safe environment.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Work with our experts to design a customised psychosocial safety strategy and put it into action effectively.

Monitoring & Improvement

Regularly measure the impact of your psychosocial safety initiatives and identify areas for enhancement.

The outcome

Understanding and Awareness

You have a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to psychosocial safety and are able to identify the hazards and mitigate risks in your organisation.

Leadership and Communication

Leaders are empowered with the skills and knowledge they need to foster a psychosocially safe environment in their teams and beyond.

Employee Wellbeing & Productivity

You’ve created a supportive work environment that enhances work-life balance and reduces stress. As a result, individual and team performance is better than ever. They’re committed and engaged.

Safety Culture Maturity

You’ve started building a positive safety culture that values and priorities employee safety. Employees feel empowered to actively participate in safety initiatives and contribute to a safer workplace.

Ready to move towards a positive safety culture in your organisation?

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