Induction programs

Induct new starters into your positive safety culture.

The challenge

You’ve invested in creating a positive safety culture with a common language and vision. But how do you ensure new starters—staff, short-term workers and contractors—will share your drive and approach for safety?

The solution

Proactively work towards the organisation you want to be by sharing your safety culture journey, Positive Safety concepts, terminology and expectations with our induction programs.

Align safety attitudes, behaviours, teams and performance to your safety standard.


An improved onboarding process where newcomers understand and appreciate your organisation’s safety vision.


Half-day program for 15 or more participants.


Induction programs introduce new starters to core Positive Safety concepts relating to safety attitudes, safety culture as well as the brain and risk.

The outcome


Introduce new starters to your organisation’s safety culture vision to help them get home to the people and things they love.


Foster real change and safety citizenship through a framework that helps your people to own their safety and the safety of their colleagues.


Influence and challenge safety attitudes using psychologically-based principles and build trust in teams by leading with a strong safety vision.


Go beyond compliance and uncover your newcomers’ intrinsic motivations and reasons for staying safe.

Transform your safety culture

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