Safety transformation anywhere, anytime.

The challenge

Does your team speak the same language when it comes to safety?

Uniting and upskilling your team is an ongoing task. Whether you’re looking for a training refresher, or a complete safety transformation, you want an effective, simple solution that puts your people on the same page, fast.

The solution

All the benefits of face-to-face training, minus the extras.

Our eLearning programs equip teams and leaders with our signature psychology-based safety training approach, so they can make safer decisions in every facet of life. Give your people the tools and support they need with our online programs, reimagined for your convenience.


Foster real change through a framework that helps your people to take ownership of their safety and the safety of their colleagues.


Improve safety engagement and communication by helping people understand how your organisation’s safety tools, practices and protocols help them get home to the people and things they love.

Multi-ethic mother and son spending time together outdoors


Go beyond compliance and uncover your teams’ intrinsic motivation and reasons for staying safe.

Leverage proven and highly impactful safety concepts to drive change in your organisation.

Training on your timeline

Training on your timeline

Harness flexibility and bypass potential operational impacts with online training that takes 75% less time than the same face-to-face program.

Blended delivery for every learner

Blended delivery for every learner

Boost training transfer with self-paced modules and optional online application sessions led by world-class facilitators.

Continuous safety improvement

Continuous safety improvement

Facilitate seamless onboarding for new recruits or ongoing embedding for employees with safety training just a login away.

Customised look and feel

Customised look and feel

Implement a consistent training experience by rebranding and contextualising modules to reflect how your organisation does things.

Explore our online library

Positive Safety Programs

Discover our Positive Safety programs — designed to encourage personal accountability, improve decision making processes, improve workers’ attitudes and create a common language to have constructive conversations about safety.

Resilience Programs

Explore our Resilience programs, designed to equip your team with proven strategies for handling stress, embracing change, and boosting mental agility.

Critical Risk Management Programs

Uncover our Critical Risk Management programs, customised to reinforce your organisation’s unique processes and procedures.

Empowering people to think differently about safety

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