Bowtie Analysis

Taking a comprehensive approach to risk management

The challenge

Traditional risk management approaches for critical risk management fall short when it comes to providing a holistic view of potential risks and their consequences.

Rarely do they consider the effectiveness of existing controls, learn from historical incidents, consider cognitive factors or consult with the workforce about the work itself. This makes properly identifying, assessing and managing risks an ongoing challenge.

The solution

Bowtie analysis – a deep dive risk analysis technique designed to comprehensively address all aspects of critical risk management. We use critical risk experts to facilitate workshops, utilise visual software, peer review critical controls against our library and develop critical control performance standards. Our approach is scalable, cost-effective and optimised to meet you where you’re at.

Empower your organisation to take control of risk


Our expert consultants will determine the probability and severity of risks occurring in your organisation, arming you with the intel you need to make better decisions. 


Using our bowtie analysis process, we will analyze your critical control procedures, create your unique risk register and facilitate workshops led by our critical risk experts.


Receive bowtie schematics, critical control performance standards and critical control field verification tools. 

The outcome


From risk to consequence, get a detailed and in-depth understanding of what your organisation is dealing with, so you can know where your precious resources can be better spent. 


By identifying and addressing risks before they escalate, you’ll finally be on the front foot of managing risk in your workplace – reducing the likelihood (and severity) of incidents.


With our guidance, align your key stakeholders and develop a clear plan to shift understanding around preventative and mitigative critical controls at your organisation.


Compare your preventative and mitigative critical controls against industry peers, remain competitive and discover opportunities for improved risk management.  

Transform your safety culture

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Make the choice for safety

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