Taking Control of My Safety

Align teams and create a strong foundation and drive for continuous safety improvement.

The challenge

Too often, your people return from safety training unmoved and unchanged.
Instead of seeing safety as a personal choice, people simply view it as part of the job—complying with the rules and regulations of the workplace.

The solution

Taking Control of My Safety focuses on individuals—their attitudes toward safety and reasons for staying safe. We help people to see safety differently so they can improve their safety attitudes and truly invest in the things that matter to them by making safer choices at work.

Flexible delivery options are now available for all Sentis programs:

Taking Control of My Safety sets the foundation for safety culture change.

Improve attitudes toward safety, enhance engagement and motivate your people to make safe choices.


A foundation and common language for safety culture


Two days of face-to-face training (one module) and program materials for a group of 15. 


Increase your teams’ engagement with safety tools and practices, improve safety attitudes and overall safety culture

Move beyond the how and address the why

Taking Control of My Safety is an experiential program that explores how internal attitudes, values and beliefs drive our safety behaviour.

The outcome


Go beyond compliance and uncover your teams’ intrinsic motivation and reasons for staying safe.


Improve safety engagement and communication by helping people understand how your organisation’s safety tools, practices and protocols help them get home to the people and things they love.


Participate in workshops tailored to your group needs—with resources, activities, discussions and examples of scenarios that could happen in your workplace.


Foster real change and safety citizenship through a framework that helps your people to take ownership of their safety and the safety of their colleagues.

Make the choice for safety

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