Empowering Safety Professionals: The Positive Safety Community

Jun 11, 2024

Women on the Positive Safety Community platform.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving workplace environments, maintaining a robust safety culture is more crucial than ever.

Recognising this need, Sentis has launched the Positive Safety Community, an innovative online platform designed to enhance safety education and foster a collaborative learning environment. Developed by subject matter experts, the Positive Safety Community offers a unique blend of dynamic learning experiences and community engagement, making it an essential resource for safety professionals across industries. 

Dr. Vanessa Thiele, Head of Positive Safety at Sentis, emphasises the platform’s foundational goals, “Our aim is to create a thriving ecosystem where people can come together to develop their safety capabilities, share knowledge and best practices, and connect with a network of supportive and likeminded professionals.” The Positive Safety Community is more than just a learning platform—it’s a community that empowers its members to lead and innovate. 

On the platform, you will already find a suite of 12 free courses loaded with content. This ranges from webinars and research reports to leader resources and printable tools. Offering this range of safety resources from the get-go is something Dr. Thiele is proud of. “This enables us to dramatically increase the training ROI for our clients, as the platform serves as a powerful embedding tool that keeps their leaders connected to the material and the positive safety community long after their training is complete.”  


Sentis Positive Safety Community Course Library


Unlike traditional safety platforms focused solely on educational content, the Positive Safety Community also offers a space where members can engage in live discussions, participate in meetups, and connect with Sentis experts in real-time. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also ensures that the content remains relevant and impactful. 

Anthony Gibbs, CEO of Sentis, highlights the platform’s accessibility and user-focused design, “We’ve dubbed our community the ‘safety culture specialist in your pocket’ because it brings discussions, forums, and meetups right to your fingertips through an easy-to-use app.” This accessibility is crucial for professionals seeking to stay connected and updated on the latest in safety education.  

One of the core features of the Positive Safety Community is its commitment to member-led content. “Our platform evolves based on the interests and requests of our members, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of safety education,” says Dr. Thiele. This community-driven focus has already garnered positive feedback from early users, who appreciate the comprehensive resources and the interactive nature of the platform. 

Looking forward, the Positive Safety Community plans to introduce new technologies to further enhance the learning experience. “Stay tuned for updates that will continue to shape the future of safety education,” invites Anthony. 

As safety standards continue to rise, platforms like the Positive Safety Community are essential for professionals committed to excellence and innovation in their fields. To get started, create your free account here.  

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