Empowering Safety Professionals: The Positive Safety Community

Women on the Positive Safety Community platform.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving workplace environments, maintaining a robust safety culture is more crucial than ever. Recognising this need, Sentis has launched the Positive Safety Community, an innovative online platform designed to enhance safety education and foster a collaborative learning environment. Developed by subject matter experts, the Positive Safety Community offers a unique blend […]

Developing Your Safety Culture Isn’t Set and Forget: The Power of Positive Safety Habits

When it comes to developing a positive safety culture, there’s often a false belief that it’s a once-off activity. You make the decision to invest in developing your culture, you run training and coaching programs across your organisation to shift your team’s perspective around safety, and you enjoy the merits of improved safety outcomes for the foreseeable […]

9 Ways to Make Safety Training More Engaging

Safety training, 9 am tomorrow. The calendar reminder blinks at you, taunting. Immediately you’re filled with thoughts of dread. Here we go again, you think. Death by PowerPoint, monotone lectures… what do I have to sit through this time? You feel fearful, anxious, annoyed, deflated and even angry at the thought of having to attend. […]

Tackling Safety at Sea with Northern Prawn Fishery

A partnership with the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF) has seen 80 crew members take part in a pilot program designed to encourage workers to embrace safety and develop a culture beyond compliance. The cognitive-based safety program, High Performing and Safe Teams, tackled worker attitudes and beliefs towards safety, encouraging staff to take ownership over the safety of both […]

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