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Unleash the potential of your workplace with “Leading Positive Safety.” This transformative book challenges traditional safety norms and advocates for a cultural shift towards the presence of safety, not just its absence.

Drawing on over two decades of research and real-world examples from various industries, it presents eight science-based principles to foster a positive safety culture. This guide offers practical steps for leaders to enhance safety, productivity, and inclusiveness, making their organisations thriving and profitable places to work.

Equip your team with the knowledge to inspire well-being and engagement, paving the way for operational excellence and sustainable business success.

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Despite the tremendous evolution of workplace safety, from the industrial revolution to the challenges of the 2020 global pandemic and beyond, 86% of organisations are still operating with a negative safety culture. What holds us back, trapped in a compliance-driven mindset that stifles innovation and engagement? And how can we broaden our understanding of safety to manage the physical and psychosocial risks we face today?

The heart of the book lies in a paradigm shift – one that focuses on the presence of safety rather than its absence. This shift begins with investing in the three dimensions of the safety experience – physical, social, and psychological – to inspire safe, well and engaged brains within the workplace that create the conditions for a safe and successful, thriving business.

Drawing from over two decades of extensive research and client engagement, the authors introduce eight principles grounded in science, presented through the enlightening real-world insights from safety professionals across diverse industries. This book provides a practical playbook for leaders at every level, offering clear, actionable steps to create a positive safety culture that delivers improved safety results and operational productivity and performance.

Leading Positive Safety is not just a book; it is a call to action. Equip yourself with the tools to attract and retain top talent, uplift leadership capabilities, and create teams that are diverse, inclusive, and supportive. In doing so, become a great place to work where safety improvement naturally cascades into business profitability. The safety journey has evolved. It is time to make safety positive.

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About the authors

Dr Vanessa Cook

Vanessa Cook is a Doctor of Psychology, specialising in safety leadership and culture development, and has been providing coaching, training and consulting for over 15 years. In her seven years with Sentis, she has applied her expertise in workplace engagement and psychological safety, safety motivation and behaviour change, and positive psychology principles to design, develop and facilitate impactful training all around the world.

In her role as Head of Positive Safety, Vanessa dedicates herself to delivering practical, neuroscience-backed training and consulting to enable organisations to level up their leadership capability and safety culture performance. Her passion for enhancing safety is demonstrated by her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to revolutionise their thinking. Vanessa works with leaders from all industries to implement a positive safety approach, driving meaningful change and creating the ideal conditions for both their people and organisations to thrive. 

Anthony Gibbs

As the visionary CEO of Sentis, Anthony Gibbs spearheads the organisation’s transformative mission to enhance the lives of individuals and organisations each day. Anthony embarked on his career in psychology within the complex addiction and clinical areas, later applying his expertise in interpersonal dynamics and behaviour change to the intricate landscape of organisational settings. During his impactful 15-year tenure at Sentis, Anthony has cultivated robust relationships and partnerships with organisations worldwide, helping them to understand safety drivers within their workplace, and crafting strategies to improve safety, wellbeing, and overall organisational performance outcomes.

Bringing a unique understanding of varied industries including mining, utilities, oil and gas, construction, healthcare, and retail, Anthony has skilfully steered the dedicated Sentis team who play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional safety outcomes for the organisations they serve. Through mentorship and educational outreach, Gibbs constantly strives to elevate and empower others. At the core of Anthony’s leadership philosophy is a commitment to positive safety – a conviction that leaders who genuinely care about their people and their experience of safety will drive behaviours beyond compliance, ultimately leading to increased commitment, care and effort.

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