Only 14% of work sites operate from a helpful safety culture. So, for majority of organisations, unhelpful safety attitudes and behaviours are common, leading to increased risk, incidents and injuries.

You can have all the right equipment, systems and processes in place, but if your people lack the intrinsic motivation to use these properly, they're unlikely to make safe choices.

The Sentis Safety Culture Maturity Model describes the journey organisations take as they progress towards safety excellence.

At the lowest level, Counterproductivity, individuals actively work against the company and safety rules and procedures. At the highest level, Citizenship, individuals seek ways to improve and invest in safety for the benefit of themselves, their team and the organisation.

Unlock a more mature safety culture

At Sentis, we operate on the premise that all safety incidents are preventable and that the development of a safe culture where every person gets home safely every day is achievable with the right practices, environment, people and leadership.

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