How Repeat Safety Assessments Drive Organisational Health

How Repeat Safety Assessments Drive Organisational Health

The importance of tracking your safety culture and climate Just as a routine health check-up safeguards your wellbeing, continual assessments of your safety culture and climate play an equally critical role in ensuring a thriving and secure workplace. These evaluations provide a looking glass into the collective beliefs, values and perceptions about safety within your […]

Underreporting and the Implications for Serious Injury Management

critical control management with a worker hooking up their safety harness

Incident underreporting impacts the number of serious injury fatalities and incidents within organisations. A recent analysis of over 2,000 incidents and near misses within mining and engineering services shows that one in five incidents have a serious fatality outcome potential. Yet many organisations struggle to classify serious incidents, and as a result, about 45% of […]

Leadership style crucial to tackling the great workforce divide in utilities

utilities leadership walking through a solar farm

An ‘us versus them’ environment fuels a negative safety culture Utilities are an essential service in the community. Neighbourhoods across the country rely on them to keep switching their lights on, run water from a tap and dispose of their rubbish. Proud of their contribution, workers across this sector are dedicated to a ‘job well […]

Safety Citizenship: The Gold Standard of Safety Culture

Organisations need to invest in all four dimensions of safety culture to effectively manage risk and create a strong and positive safety culture. But what does good look like? And how do you get there? Safety citizenship is the gold standard of safety culture. It represents a significant opportunity for organisations to capitalise on their greatest asset—their […]

Understanding Safety Culture: A Simple Model

safety culture model

Safety culture is an organisations’ shared attitudes, values and beliefs about safety in the workplace—essentially, ‘the way this are done around here’. It influences safety performance and is also a significant factor in predicting the likelihood of safety incidents. In any safety culture there are four overarching dimensions—environment, practices, person and leadership—and organisations need to […]

The Impact of Safety Culture: Why It’s Time to Make a Change

Investment in safety culture is crucial. Even with the right equipment, experience and systems, if your people lack the intrinsic motivation to take responsibility for their own safety, it’s not a question of if an incident will occur, but when. How is safety perceived in today’s workplace? Safety is difficult to see, except for when […]

5 Ways to Start Driving a Positive Safety Culture

Big Changes Start with Small Steps Your organisation’s safety culture is defined by the shared attitudes, beliefs and values that your people hold. In essence, it’s a measure of ‘the way things are done around here’ when it comes to workplace safety. And while many of us would expect our safety culture to be in […]

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