New report released in collaboration with the Queensland Commissioner for Resources Safety & Health

Mar 27, 2024

Report - Sentis - The state of safety culture in Queensland's mining industry
The state of safety reporting culture in Queensland’s mining industry report presents the responses of more than 7500 Queensland mine workers to an industry-wide survey which aimed to identify strength and opportunity areas to achieve a strong safety reporting culture.

The report, co-authored by Sentis, shows that Queensland’s mine workers are encouraged to report their safety concerns, and usually do so, but that some barriers to reporting do exist.

One of the standout strengths within the industry is the robust team support for safety. This is exemplified by the way Queensland’s mine workers prioritise each other’s wellbeing on the job. They are proactive in halting operations if they perceive any safety risks and are committed to executing their tasks safely, avoiding any shortcuts. Furthermore, these workers are well-versed in safety standards and procedures, fully understand the preventive measures in place to avert accidents, and recognise their duty to report any near misses or incidents with high potential for harm.

The findings also highlight the positive role of frontline leaders and supervisors. They are seen as pivotal in encouraging mine workers to act promptly if they feel unsafe and to report any near misses, significant incidents, or hazards. This culture of vigilance and responsibility extends to the industry’s senior leadership. According to the survey, senior leaders are proactive in urging workers to voice safety concerns and ensure thorough investigations are conducted when incidents are reported.

However, the report also identifies areas for improvement. These include enhancing the clarity and user-friendliness of reporting systems, offering greater acknowledgement of positive safety practices, and fostering deeper involvement of frontline workers in safety initiatives.

Suggestions for senior leaders included providing more timely feedback to workers about safety concerns and increasing interaction and visibility with frontline workers to inspire a more positive safety culture.

Interim Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health Andrew Clough said The state of safety reporting culture in Queensland’s mining industry report is a milestone report for the Queensland mining industry and is the first time an industry-wide survey of the safety reporting culture of the industry has been conducted.

“The report sets a benchmark for the industry to measure its safety reporting culture against in the future,” he said.

“It establishes a baseline of the safety reporting behaviours exhibited at mine and quarry sites and identifies the key opportunities and barriers to achieving a responsive and effective safety reporting culture in the coal mining, mineral mining and quarrying industries.”

Sentis are thrilled to have collaborated with the Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health on this milestone report, helping chart a course for Queensland’s mining industry to build and maintain a positive safety reporting culture.

“Our mission is to change the lives of individuals and organisations for the better, every day, and this report aims to do just that within Queensland’s mining industry,” says Sentis Head of Psychology, Dr Amy Hawkes.

“We hope the valuable insights from this report will act as a catalyst for meaningful discussions within the industry.”

To learn more, download your copy of the report here.

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