Sentis Earns 2024 Great Place To Work Certification™

Feb 19, 2024

Sentis is proud to be certified by Great Place To Work® for the sixth time.

This prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experiences working at Sentis. This year, 100% of employees said it’s a great place to work. Sentis CEO Anthony Gibbs notes how important this certification is to the company: “It reflects the guiding principles of Sentis: doing great work, supporting great work and being a great place to work.”

Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and the leadership behaviours proven to deliver market-leading revenue, employee retention and increased innovation. “Great Place To Work Certification is a highly coveted achievement that requires consistent and intentional dedication to the overall employee experience,” says Sarah Lewis-Kulin, the Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place To Work.

She emphasises that certification is the sole official recognition earnt by the real-time feedback of employees regarding their company culture. “By successfully earning this recognition, it is evident that Sentis stands out as one of the top companies to work for, providing a great workplace environment for its employees.”

When asked to reflect on what makes the culture and employee experience distinct, Anthony answered, “We keep our values at the forefront of our minds; it’s really important in the selection of new people, but also in the way we get work done. We’ve got good levels of humility across the business and try to inject humour into things as much as possible.”

He also mentions how working remotely enables people to work in a style that’s best for them. “We give our people a lot of trust in terms of what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. I think that’s pretty well reflected in the way that people can work with Sentis. We’re not telling people you need to get back into the office. In fact, we’re leaning into flexibility.”

Myra Fisher, Head of People and Culture at Sentis, had this to say about the workplace culture: “When you join Sentis, you’re given trust on a platter from day one. Everyone at Sentis genuinely cares about and backs each other. Sentis does a better job of embedding and championing its values than any other company I’ve worked at before.”


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