The state of safety reporting culture in Queensland’s mining industry

Mar 26, 2024

Report - Sentis - The state of safety culture in Queensland's mining industry

The Queensland mining industry has taken a significant stride in enhancing its safety reporting culture with the release of this comprehensive report.

This initiative, led by the Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health, in collaboration with Sentis and key advisory committees, reflects a deep dive into the perspectives of 7,821 survey participants from the coal, mineral, and quarrying sectors. The survey aimed to understand the factors influencing the decision to report safety incidents, near misses, and early warning signs, drawing insights from a wide range of industry personnel.

The findings of the survey provide a snapshot of the current state of safety reporting within the industry, identifying both strengths and areas for improvement. The report provides a benchmark against the Sentis Safety Culture Maturity Model, establishing a clear indicator of the industry’s maturity in regard to reporting.

This report is not just a reflection of the past but a beacon for the future, guiding efforts to foster a more responsive and effective safety reporting culture across Queensland’s mining sector. Download your copy below.

The state of safety reporting culture in Queensland's mining industry report

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