Safety Citizenship: The Gold Standard of Safety Culture

Organisations need to invest in all four dimensions of safety culture to effectively manage risk and create a strong and positive safety culture. But what does good look like? And how do you get there? Safety citizenship is the gold standard of safety culture. It represents a significant opportunity for organisations to capitalise on their greatest asset—their […]

Understanding Safety Culture: A Simple Model

safety culture model

Safety culture is an organisations’ shared attitudes, values and beliefs about safety in the workplace—essentially, ‘the way this are done around here’. It influences safety performance and is also a significant factor in predicting the likelihood of safety incidents. In any safety culture there are four overarching dimensions—environment, practices, person and leadership—and organisations need to […]

5 Ways to Start Driving a Positive Safety Culture

Big Changes Start with Small Steps Your organisation’s safety culture is defined by the shared attitudes, beliefs and values that your people hold. In essence, it’s a measure of ‘the way things are done around here’ when it comes to workplace safety. And while many of us would expect our safety culture to be in […]

5 Things We Can Learn from Organisations with Mature Safety Cultures

When seeking to drive safety performance improvement, we often look to previous incidents to see how we can prevent them from reoccurring in the future. But while this is a necessary step in the right direction, if our focus is only based on avoiding mistakes, instead of also actively aspiring towards excellence, we risk a […]

New Sentis Study Uncovers the State of Safety Culture Across Industry

Only 14% of organisational sites operate from a positive safety culture, according to a new study of 73 sites across agriculture, construction, government, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and utilities. For organisations whose sites fall into the remaining 86%, operating from a negative or unhelpful safety culture carries an increased risk of serious incidents […]

Developing Your Safety Culture Isn’t Set and Forget: The Power of Positive Safety Habits

When it comes to developing a positive safety culture, there’s often a false belief that it’s a once-off activity. You make the decision to invest in developing your culture, you run training and coaching programs across your organisation to shift your team’s perspective around safety, and you enjoy the merits of improved safety outcomes for the foreseeable […]

Driving a Positive Safety Culture – Sneak Peek and Waitlist Sign-up

“When you work unsafely, you get higher production and praise.” “If you report something then you have an issue, it’s a blame game.“ “They need to kill a few [people] before anything is done.” Investment in safety culture is crucial. If your people lack the intrinsic motivation to take responsibility for their own safety, the risk of incidents and […]

Understanding Safety Culture Maturity

Safety Culture Maturity Model

Safety Culture Investing in your safety environment and practices is important to achieving safety compliance. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary. But when it comes to investing in your safety culture, this will only take you so far. To truly shift your safety culture, you must invest in your people. You may genuinely believe that you […]

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